Basic Hardware Setup

See how to set up your Vive, Rift, or Windows MR headset for the best Vizible experience.

Note: We have preliminary, beta support for Windows MR headsets at this time. Oculus and Vive are fully supported.

This guide aims to provide some general guidelines and requirements for setting up your VR hardware to work with Vizible.

Setting up a HTC Vive or Vive Pro

If using HTC Vive:

  • In your sound settings, make sure the Vive is set as both your recording device and playback device and that the volume is turned up. It may show up simply as “USB device”
  • Plug your headphones into the Vive. If using a Vive Pro, you can skip this step.
  • Before you join the Vizible session, make sure SteamVR is running and that both your controllers have power and are turned on. If your controllers are not turned on before joining, you will have to quit and rejoin the meeting.
  • Check the SteamVR window to see if everything is turned on and tracked properly. The headset and the controllers should show up as green icons:

Setting up an Oculus with Touch Controllers

The oculus works quickly out of the box, but requires tweaking to get the best performance.

  • Ensure your Oculus software is up to date
  • In your sound settings, make sure the Oculus device is set as both your recording and playback device and that the volume is turned up.
  • Open the Oculus Software and in the “Devices” section, verify that your headset, sensors, and controllers are all activated with a green light. You may need to push the buttons on the touch controllers to activate them.
  • Keep Oculus software running in the background while you join your Vizible session.

Setting up a Windows MR Headset

Note: WinMR devices are not officially supported yet, but some users have been using WinMR headsets successfully by following these steps:

  • Install the Windows Mixed Reality Steam application.
  • Follow the same instructions as for the HTC Vive (see above)
  • Your SteamVR window will look like this when your WinMR controllers are turned on and tracked
  • Select “Vive” as your device in the Vizible Attendee or Presenter login window

Optional: once you’ve selected your device and configured it accordingly, test your hardware by clicking on the “Demo Scene” button on the Vizible log in window. You should hear audio and be able to see your controllers inside a simple Vizible scene.

In the demo scene, you can also try the Vizible Meeting Tool Set. Open the menu (see how here) and experiment with a few of the tools you have available (learn about the tools here).


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