Collaborative VR Creation w/ Users in Your Org

With Vizible, you can work on VR presentations with others in your Organization in real-time, just as you might collaborate on a Google Doc.

Users in the same Vizible organization can work on the same VR Presentation with each other in real-time or asynchronously. Here's how to do it:

  1. Make sure the VR Presentation you want to work on with others is shared in your Organization. You do this by selecting a Scene in the Scenes tab in Presentation Designer and then modifying its Share Permissions with the drop-down on the bottom left. By default, share permissions are set to "none", which means only you can see and access the Presentation. Changing them to "write" will let other users in your Organization both see and edit the Presentation. Changing it to "full" means other users can see, edit, and host multi-user sessions using that Presentation.

  1. Once you've done Step 1, it's really simple. Other users in your Organization can log in and will then see the Presentation you've shared in their Scenes tab. They can double-click on it to open it up and will then be able to edit it. If multiple users are editing the same Presentation at the same time, you can actually see what slide other people are working on and any changes they make will be reflected in real time. To see what slide other people are working on, look for their initials on a slide in the slide view.

    In the GIF below, I notice my colleague Jim is on slide 3, so I open up that slide of the Presentation to see what Jim is working on. I see that he's scaling up a video on the slide, and I see his changes in real-time as he's doing them.


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