How to Build + Host Your First VR Presentation

Use our sample assets and see how easy it is to create your first Vizible VR Presentation, then invite others to a session for communication and collaboration in VR.

Getting started with Vizible is easy. This quick tutorial will show you how to download and install Vizible, build a simple VR presentation, and then host a VR "session", a multi-user gathering in virtual reality. All of the downloads you need are included below, and they're all free.

If you'd like a longer, more detailed introductory tutorial, check out this video.

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One step of the installer asks how you're using Vizible. Keep "creating virtual reality experiences" selected.

Once installation is complete, download the Sample Asset pack here and unzip the Sample Asset folder. You can use your own assets too, but this way you'll have some sample assets ready to go.

2. Open Vizible Presentation Designer and Create a New Blank Presentation

Open up Vizible Presentation Designer, create an account if you haven't already, and log in with your Vizible credentials. At the top, head to "New Scenes" and then double-click on "Blank Scene".

3. Bring Assets Into Your Presentation

Assets you can bring into Vizible include 3D models, documents, images, photospheres, videos, videospheres, sounds, and more. Feel free to supplement the presentation you make here with Assets of your own. To keep things simple for this tutorial, we're just going to use a few 3D models. Open the Starter Pack of Assets you downloaded earlier and drag the "Modern Lobby" file into the Asset Library at the bottom of Presentation Designer.

Then, go to the bottom of your Asset Library and drag the Modern Lobby Asset into the Scene View in your Presentation. Do the same with the HTC Vive or other Assets. Once Assets are in your Slide, you can move them around, rotate them, scale them, and do a whole lot more that you can learn about in the rest of the documentation.

Just so you know, the bar at the left of Presentation Designer is the Slide View. For the sake of simplicity, the Presentation we are making only has one Slide and just a few Assets. Keep in mind that presentations can have as many Slides as you want, with as many Assets as you want. 

Later in the documentation, you'll see how to add interactivity to your presentation with sensors, set actions like animations, create + embed avatar recordings, set user viewpoints, and much, much more.

4. Start a Session

Click the "Sessions" button at the bottom left of Presentation Designer to open the Sessions tab, and and then click the plus button to start a session. The start time will be set to the present time, which is fine since you'll be experiencing it in no time. Give it a name and then click "Add Session". You'll see your session appear in your session list.

Copy the Session ID. The Session ID is what you and those you invite can use to access and experience your Vizible Presentation. 

If meeting inside your Vizible Session with others, you'll see each other as avatars and can interact with each other and the virtual environment for real-time communication, collaboration, and shared experiences.

Tip: to make it super easy to invite others, you can send a handy, contained invitation to your Vizible session by right clicking on the Session in the Sessions tab of Vizible Presentation Designer, clicking "copy invitation text", and then pasting the invitation into an email. The invitation will include the Session ID and a link to download Vizible Attendee. There are the only two things someone needs to experience a Vizible Presentation.

6. Experience Your Presentation 

Open up Vizible Presenter, put in the Session ID and your Vizible log-in credentials, make sure your hardware is set up properly, and start the session. On the device dropdown, you can select your hardware (Vive, Rift, Desktop PC, VR Projection System, etc).

See how to access the menu and enable various tools by looking at your wrist and tapping the menu button. Here's a look at the laser pointer and the pencil.

One of the tools you have available is the Presenter Tool. When experiencing your Presentation in Vizible Presenter, you can use this tool navigate through the Slides in your Presentation to drive the experience however you want to, with the ability to skip ahead, revisit anything you want, or even let other participants decide the path with triggers that you place throughout the virtual environment.

There you have it! You've created and experienced a Vizible VR Presentation. We're only scratching the surface of what you can do with Vizible, though. Read on in the documentation to learn more!

Note: If you want to skip over the info about the Web Dashboard and start deep diving into Vizible Presentation Designer, go here.


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