Importing Images

See how to bring images into your VR presentations with the Vizible Presentation Designer.

Vizible allows for images to be dragged into a scene

Similar to 2D videos, you can add images to a scene, scale them, and attach standard interactivity such as making the images grabbable. You can also pick a frame and add animation effects such as fading in the image.

Supported file formats


  • bmp
  • jpg, jpeg
  • png

Power user formats

  • tiff, tif

Available but not recommended

  • gif

Format discussion

Suggested Formats

png24 bit PNGs support both color and alpha, and can be previewed in windows thumbnails, making them easier to find than specialty formats.jpg/jpeglossy compression that stores well on disk but becomes uncompressed when loaded up in a graphics card. Great for building scenes, when stored at high quality, and transferring files over the web. Works well as long as you don’t need an alpha channel or expect compression to keep the file size small when loaded into video memory.bmpUncompressed format that also supports alpha channels.

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Power User Formats (Advanced)

tif/tiffWorks well as a source file format due to layers and support for windows thumbnail previews. Can contain all the same information as a PSD. TIFs also support being set to grayscale model (1 channel = ⅓ file size), and high bit-depth (32 bit = high lightmap precision that better allows for things like re-exposure)

Not Recommended Formats

gifheavy compression that isn’t compatible with graphics cards (becomes uncompressed) and animation of this type is not supported


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