Importing PDFs and Powerpoints

See how to bring PDFs and Powerpoint presentations into VR presentations with Vizible Presentation Designer

Vizible allows you to import PDF files, including multi-page documents and Powerpoint presentations. Multi-page PDFs are treated as a single asset, and you can click through multiple slides using the TV remote tool.

How Vizible uses PDF files

Simply save your Powerpoint or Document as a PDF and drag it into the Vizible cloud asset library. During the upload process, we’ll convert the PDF file to a set of images which will be stored on our server. From there you can add it to your scene as you would any other asset.

Similar to 2D videos, you can add PDF files to a scene, scale them, and attach standard interactivity such as making the frames grabbable. You can also pick a frame and add animation effects such as fading in the image.

You can also use a “set frame” function, which will set the page of the PDF displayed to be the index indicated.

One way to create training materials or have text-based prompts for the user is to have a series of instructions on each page of a PDF. When the user triggers an action or advances a slide, the text changes.

Supported file formats

Currently Vizible only supports PDF files.

Importing PDF files

If you have an existing presentation you would like to import, it’s likely that the design tool you are currently using has a PDF export ability. If not there are several services such as Google Docs which allow for the import of most common document and presentation formats. These imported files can then be re-exported as PDF.

Creating PDF files

Google provides a free service for creating both documents and slide-based presentations, which can be converted to the PDF format, and imported into Vizible.


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