Installing Presentation Designer

1. Installing Presentation Designer

The installation of presentation designer is relatively painless. We’ll guide you through the installation process

Before getting started it’s best to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements.

To run presentation designer you will also need to install Vizard Client. The order of the installation does not matter, and you can re-install presentation designer without causing an issue with the client software.

Download the latest installer here.

1. Installing Presentation Designer

To install presentation designer, double click the installer you just downloaded. The installer will ask you if you're using Vizible for "attending a session" or for "creating virtual reality experiences". To make sure your download includes Vizible Presentation Designer, make sure that the second option is selected:

 The installer will then check to see if you have an existing version of Vizible installed. It will ask for permission to delete the old version before installing the new one, and this is recommended. If you select this option, it will uninstall the old version before resuming with the installer. When the installer reaches this screen, make sure that "Vizible Presentation Designer" is checked before selecting "next":


You will then be taken to our terms of service, acceptable use policy, and privacy policy which you can review before proceeding with the install. You will also be given the option to create desktop shortcuts for Vizible.

2. Running Presentation Designer

To run presentation designer, double click the following shortcut on desktop. You can also click the Windows icon (Start button) in the bottom left corner of the screen and search ‘Presentation Designer". Here's what the application icon looks like:


When you open Presentation Designer, you'll be taken to the login portal and ask you if you'd like to create an account. If you already have an account, you can just ignore that and log in with your credentials. If you need to make an account, just make one and then confirm your email before logging in:

Note that when you log in to Vizible Presentation Designer for the first time, it will take a long time unpacking the client and will show the following message box:

Then, Presentation Designer will open up and you'll be able to create VR presentations and hold immersive VR meetings. See the rest of the documentation to learn more!


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