Oculus Configuration Guide

This guide aims to provide some general guidelines and requirements for adjusting your Oculus Touch.

Setting Floor Position

In order to set floor position for the Oculus, follow the simple bullet points below.

To access the Settings for Oculus, open up Oculus Desktop and find the Settings Icon.


On the left side, select Devices.


Find the Text that says “configure rift” and select Full Setup.


Add your height to the Set Floor Position in VR Popup. Then select continue.


Follow the rest of the steps in your headset!

Gray screen

If your Oculus is not configured properly, you may see a gray screen. If you see this gray screen, it’s possibly that the Oculus HMD is not being detected correctly. In order to fix this issue, here are a couple of things that may solve the problem.

  • The HMD may not be plugged in: fix this issue by plugging in the HMD and making sure all the connections are not loose.
  • ‍The HMD may be connected to the wrong port: The HDMI must be plugged into the motherboard not the graphics card.
  • Oculus drivers may be out of date: If your drivers are significantly out of date, go to the Oculus Desktop App and update the drivers for your devices.


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