Scheduling and Launching a Vizible VR Session

When you have a Vizible Presentation open in Vizible Presentation Designer and you're ready to schedule a VR meeting, what we call a "session", follow these instructions.

1. Start a Session

 Click the "Sessions" button at the bottom left of Presentation Designer to open the Sessions tab, and and then click the plus button to start a session. The start time will be set to the present time unless you adjust it, which is suitable if you want to launch the session right away. If you're scheduling the session for a later date then adjust accordingly. Notice you can also set the Session "open date", which is the time that the assets for your presentation will be available for download in advance. This is helpful because if people can download the assets in advance, this will reduce the wait time once it's time to actually enter the session. You're able to make the assets downloadable 72 hours in advance of the session.

Give the session a name and then click "Add Session". You'll see your session appear in your session list.

Copy the Session ID. The Session ID is what you and those you invite can use to access and experience your Vizible Presentation. 

If meeting inside your Vizible Session with others, you'll see each other as avatars and can interact with each other and the virtual environment for real-time communication, collaboration, and shared experiences.

Tip: to make it super easy to invite others, you can send a handy, contained invitation to your Vizible session by right clicking on the Session in the Sessions tab of Vizible Presentation Designer, clicking "copy invitation text", and then pasting the invitation into an email. The invitation will include the Session ID and a link to download Vizible Attendee. There are the only two things someone needs to experience a Vizible Presentation.

6. Experience Your Presentation 

To enter your Vizible session as Presenter, open up Vizible Presenter at the scheduled time, put in the Session ID and your Vizible log-in credentials, make sure your hardware is set up properly, and launch the session. On the device dropdown, you can select your hardware (Vive, Rift, Desktop PC, VR Projection System, etc). Others will be joining your presentation using the "Vizible Attendee" software, and they don't need an account in order to join the session. They only need your session ID.

See how to access the menu and enable various tools by looking at your wrist and tapping the menu button. Here's a look at the laser pointer and the pencil.

One of the tools you have available is the Presenter Tool. When experiencing your Presentation in Vizible Presenter, you can use this tool navigate through the Slides in your Presentation to drive the experience however you want to, with the ability to skip ahead, revisit anything you want, or even let other participants decide the path with triggers that you place throughout the virtual environment.

There you have it! 


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