Vizible Presentations are synced to the cloud, so as you make changes those changes are automatically saved. You can preserve and load different versions of your Presentations with Snapshots.

 You can save multiple versions of any Vizible Presentations by creating "Snapshots". In Presentation Designer, you can then always load your Presentation from a snapshot, and when you're launching a Vizible session, you can choose which Snapshot you want to load.

To create a Snapshot of a Vizible Presentation while in Presentation Designer, click on the Snapshot button on the top right and give your Snapshot a name.

You can create as many different Snapshots as you want, giving you a basic form of version control. Every time you exit a Presentation, we also create a Snapshot automatically. When you're opening up a Presentation in Presentation Designer and you want to open up one of your Snapshots instead of the most recent version, you can right click on the presentation and then select "Create from Snapshot". Choose the Snapshot you want to open and click okay. This will create a version of your Presentation as it was preserved in your Snapshot, and you can then open up the Presentation and edit it from there.

When you're hosting a Vizible session with one of your Presentations, you can load different Snapshots of your Presentation on the fly. This lets you check out different versions of it quickly. For example, if you made a few mistakes in your recent editing and want to pull up one of your previously saved Snapshots, you can just select the Snapshot you want from the dropdown menu in the login interface for Vizible Presenter. Take a look:


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