Vive Tweaking Guide


Make sure controllers are on and all devices are plugged inMake sure SteamVR is launched and all the icons in the GUI are green.

-Make sure controllers are charged

-Make sure the controllers, bay stations, and headset have all the firmware updates needed

-Follow Room Setup in the SteamVR GUI.

-Make sure you have space for the system

-Make sure you are walking within your VIVE’s tracking system and that the controllers and headset are visible from the bay stations.

-If more issues persist, Quit SteamVR and restart it. 

-Run Room Setup Again and check the previous bullets again.

-If more issues persist, unplug your VIVE and make sure all the connections are in the right location, plug everything in again and follow the bullets above.

-There are lots of VIVE troubleshooting docs and forums online. If none of these fix your issues, look online or contact HTC.


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