Avatar Recordings

Full documentation on this topic is coming soon!

The avatar recording process is easiest if you have two people, with one person at the computer pressing the “record” button and the other one in an HMD ready to perform the recorded actions and voice.

With your presentation open in Vizible Presentation Designer, first you want to go to the “Sessions” tab (bottom left). Any presentation you currently have open will have a session open called the “editing session”. Grab the ID for the editing session (see arrows below), open up Vizible Attendee, put in the ID, and enter the scene.

Once you’ve entered the editing session as a Vizible attendee, you’re ready to record. Select the “Scene” object in the component graph and right click on it (see arrows below). One of the options available to you is “Set Recording”. As soon as you select this, the recording will begin, and any avatar activity/voice will be recorded. As soon as you click "Set Recording" again, the recording will stop.

Then, the recording will be saved in your asset library - you can see what the asset looks like in your asset library below, where you can see me dragging one in to the scene view.Once you drag the avatar recording into your presentation, it will be positioned based on where the avatar was during the recording. You can right click on it and select the "Start Playing" action to have the recording play right when that slide loads, or you can trigger its playback with a proximity sensor or a time sensor. You can have as many avatar recordings as you want on any particular slide of your presentation. You can also adjust its volume and set whether you want the recording to loop or not.

Have questions about avatar recording in Vizible, or about anything else? We're happy to help.


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