Bringing Assets from Unity to Vizible

See one method for bringing assets from Unity into Vizible or Vizard.

This is one method for transferring your Unity assets into Vizible or Vizard using Sketchfab. Sketchfab autoconverts all uploaded models to glTF, so you'll be uploading your Unity scene to Sketchfab and then downloading it from Sketchfab as a glTF - a format that Vizible and Vizard supports.

Go to the asset store in Unity and search Sketchfab. Import the “Sketchfab for Unity” asset.

Once imported, you need to press “Play” in your Unity scene to have it show up. You then choose “Sketchfab- Publish to Sketchfab” :

Login to your Sketchfab account (if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one), name your scene and click “Publish to Sketchfab”. Once your model is in Sketchfab, you need to make your model downloadable in Sketchfab by finding the model page on Sketchfab and going to “Manage this model”.

Once your model is downloadable, then download it from Sketchfab as a gltf (Sketchfab calls this their "autoconverted format"), and unzip it. You'll then have a .gltf model, a .bin file, and a textures folder. Before bringing them in to Vizible, you have to package the files up as a unified .glb file before bringing it in to Vizible. See how to do that quick step here, and then drag your .glb file into your Vizible asset library for use in your Vizible VR presentations.


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