BioPac Vizible Plugin

See how to gather biofeedback data during Vizible sessions using our plugin with Biopac.

Note: this plugin is a premium add-on to Vizible. To enable this plugin on your Vizible account, reach out to

Run AcqKnowledge 5.0 software on a licensed machine.

Software setup in AcqKnowledge

Enable the NDT protocol in AcqKnowledge. Go to Display->Preferences->Networking. Select the checkboxes for Enable network data transfer and Respond to auto-recovery requests. You will need to restart the AcqKnowledge software before the Network Data Transfer becomes active. You only need to do this once.     

To run AcqKnowledge without any hardware connected for testing purposes, choose Analyze Only in the first dialog that’s displayed. Select Open a graph file and then a choose Sample data file. Enable Open for graph data playback:

Vizible Setup

Before adding the Biopac plugin to the scene in Vizible, make sure AcqKnowledge is running.  The Biopac plugin can be found in the Assets panel. It looks like this:

Drag the Biopac component into the scene:

The Biopac component has two unique actions associated with it:

Set Acquisition Enabled: Allows for starting/stopping data acquisition in the Biopac Acqknowledge software from Vizible. The data graph in AcqKnowledge is updated in real time when acquisition is enabled. This can also be controlled directly within AcqKnowledge.

Send Signal To AcqKnowledge: Sends a signal from Vizible to AcqKnowledge. When acquisition is enabled and a signal is sent, a small triangular marker is displayed above the graph.   

Right click on the the Biopac component to add the actions described above. In the following image, the Send Signal To AcqKnowledge action has been added and enabled:

The blue arrow in the following image points to the marker displayed in AcqKnowledge. This corresponds to the signal sent from Vizible.


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