Importing Photospheres

See how to import photospheres into your Vizible VR presentations.

Photospheres, also called 360 photos or spherical photos, are images that are captured in all directions at once or stitched together from individual photos. This creates a much more immersive experience over regular 2D images, as the user can freely look around and view the image in a more realistic way.


Photospheres can be either monoscopic or stereoscopic. A monoscopic photo is a single image and has no depth, while stereoscopic (or over and under photospheres) displays two images one for each eye, to give a sense of depth.

Supported file formats


  • bmp
  • jpg, jpeg
  • png

Power user formats

  • tiff, tif

Adding Photospheres into your Scene:

To add a photosphere to your Vizible Presentation, upload your asset to the asset library by dragging a file into the asset window. After adding your asset, make sure either “Spherical” or “Spherical 3D” is selected as your sub-type. Use “Spherical” for monoscopic panoramas and “Spherical 3D” for stereoscopic panoramas. Then, drag the asset from your asset library into the scene view. 

Interaction with Photospheres

In Presentation Designer:

As shown above, you can right click your asset in the scene view in Presentation Designer and select “Expand” to view the image from a central viewpoint. Click and drag to look around. If you have a photosphere expanded on a slide, it will be the background when participants come to the slide in your Vizible session.

In Vizible Sessions:

Enable the Remote Tool from the Vizible menu, point towards the photosphere you’d like to expand, and press the trigger on your controller or mouse. Press the trigger again to collapse the photosphere back into a small orb.


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