Importing Video

See how to bring video into your VR presentation with the Vizible Presentation Designer

Videos have long been a core feature of professional presentations, and with Vizible, your options for bringing in and displaying video content are even more flexible.

How Vizible uses videos

Vizible supports both 2D and 360 video formats and the industry standard file types. Simply drag your video into the Vizible Cloud Asset Library and you can add it to your scene.

Once a video has been added to your scene, you can choose from a number of preset frames (no frame, picture frame, and TV Stand), scale the video up to movie-theater size, or turn it into a grabbable object which you can pass between users.

You can also collaboratively experience 360 videos using Vizible. Check out this section for more information on 360 videos.

Supported file formats

  • avi
  • mpg
  • mpeg
  • mp4

Note that we recommend videos less than 1GB in size, both for transfer speed, and for their ability to play properly on a large number of client machines.


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