Rotoscoped Avatar Videos

Rotoscoping is the process of tracing over a live-action film to create a life-like avatar. See how to capture these videos and bring them into Vizible. Note: this process requires some familiarity with Adobe Premier.

How to Add Rotoscoped Avatars to Vizible Presentations

1. Download and install both codecs from this url: (Note: ALL machines that will be joining your Vizible session will need to have this codec)

2. If you have the K-Lite Codec pack installed, make sure to uninstall it.  

3. Setup a green screen and make sure it's properly lit  (making sure that two lights are pointing at the screen to eliminate shadows and that you also have the subject lit with 2 lights in front and optionally one in back):

4. Setup your camera and make sure the subject is far enough away from the green screen so as not to cast a shadow

5. For audio, I've found it's easiest to use a lapel mic that plugs into your phone (and then use a recording app on your smartphone).

6. Once you have your footage recorded, dump it into a program like Adobe Premiere and export it with an alpha layer for the cropped out part of the video.  

7. Steps in Adobe Premiere:

  • Select your footage and go to Effects- Keying- Ultra Key
  • Click on the eye dropper and select the green screen
  • Under settings, Set to "aggressive"
  • Adjust shadows and tolerance
  • Export with "TechSmith Codec"
  • Change aspect ratio numbers if needed
  • Change to 32 bit

8. Drag your video asset into Vizible.

9. Drag the video into the scene view. 

10. Make sure there is no Frame on the video by right clicking on the video asset in your scene, selecting Frame, and selecting "None" from the Frame dropdown that appears in the property list.

11. If there isn't a light in your scene, the video will just show black.  To add a light:  In your components, right click on "scene" and choose "set headlamp enabled"  

12. Scale, position and rotate the rotoscoped video. I had to scale it in all directions by 3 meters and then up in the Y by 1.215 meters (so that may be the same settings for you as well) .  

13. To have your video start when the slide starts, right click on the video and choose "Start Playing"


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