Subdividing 3D Models

See how to break a model out into its individual components.

Subdividing a model


1. To subdivide a model, right click on the model and then select subdivide from the menu.

2. This will open a separate window showing the hierarchy of the subdivided model

3. From there you can select a sub section of the model and then use the subdivide button to break the component out of the main asset and add it to the scene as a component. Using the subtype drop down, subcomponents can be created with a different subtype than the main model.

While the subdivision window is open, subcomponents of the selected base component can be selected by clicking on them in the rendering window. Closing the subdivision window will stop the selection of sub components.


Subcomponents are currently forced to remain parented to the models from which they originated.

Removing a base component will also remove all subcomponets which are children of the main component.


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