Vizible Release Notes

While you can download previous versions of Vizible, we don't recommend it.

Vizible 1.4.4

Fixed the server reconnection error during sessions

Vizible 1.4.2

Scene Migrations for the Appliance

Vizible 1.3.6

Hot Fix

Fixed bug that was causing users to get locked out of their scenes

Vizible 1.3.5

New functionality to improve server connectivity

Login Interface will now show you the server and port for your current connection. If that port times out then it will try the next one, skipping to the next server in the list if no more ports are available. The same is true for the client (both as presenter and designer).

Fixes to Demo Scenes

Previous versions were not able to open them and would get stuck on a loading screen in Login Interface.

Vizible 1.3

glTF Support

You can now import glTF models into your Vizible VR Presentations. See this documentation article to learn how.

Vizible 1.2.2

Bug Fixes

The 1.2.2 release of Vizible made some changes to the signup and registration flow and also fixed some bugs. See below for a list of bug fixes:

PD hangs at Downloading the Scene Thumbnails

We've fixed an issue that was causing Vizible Presentation Designer to hang at the "downloading scene thumbnails" stage of loading a Vizible Presentation.

Connection issues

We've had some server connection issues over the last few weeks, andwe've addressed some of the underlying bugs which can cause these issues. We've also improved our monitoring, as the servers had been failing in a way that we hadn't been able to test.

Asset Selection in Presentation Designer

We fixed an issue where some incoming models have issues with selection due to the way their hierarchy is defined.

Demo scenes from login interface can be triggered directly.

Previously users had to enter 1-1-1 to connect to a test session from login interface. Now they can launch it directly at the click of a button.

Fixed an issue that was causing Login Interface to lock up/become slow to respond

Previously login interface would lockup/become slow to respond while verifying user data and processing changes to fields. Login interface is more responsive with the latest version.

Additional smaller bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the transform gui arrow casting and receiving shadows
  • Fixed an issue with images with alpha not showing up properly unless headlamp is enabled
  • Added additional checks for disk space and network connectivity to login interface to provide advanced warning to users before signing in
  • Cleaned up the warning for notifying users that their maximum session count has been reached

Server Cleanup

We’ve fixed a number of issues on the server which have resulted in issues with stability, we’ve also added some improvements to how we’re doing monitoring and load testing on the servers to better ensure uptime.


Vizible Presenter/Attendee

New Features

  • Added the ability for avatars to test their audio connection in VR, i.e. see when they themselves are speaking, the users feet change color, and their watch has a light which will flash as they talk
  • The Remote Tool will now expand both videospheres and photospheres


  • Fixed strange artifact from name tag / audio indicator casting shadow
  • Fixed issue where password failure would open up another login window

Vizible Presentation Designer

New Features

  • Added the ability to import photospheres into your Vizible Presentations
  • In the Sessions tab, the scheduled sessions are now in order from top to bottom, with the oldest sessions at the bottom
  • Added the ability to launch a scene and view it in VR for debugging right from Presentation Designer


  • Avatar recordings now retain object manipulations, so you can record an avatar grabbing an asset and moving it, and the asset's movement will be captured in the avatar recording


New Features

  • ‍Demo Scenes can now be launched from the Vizible Web Dashboard once you've installed the Vizible Presenter/Attendee software.


Vizible Presenter/Attendee


Fixed a number of issues which were causing users to become unhooked from an active session.

Vizible Presentation Designer

New Features

Added the ability to link user to a stand-in. Users will maintain their relative offset from the last time the stand-in was reset.Added additional updates to the loading process for scenes.


Fixed an issue with the copy operation which was allowing unsupported actions to be copied to components.


Vizible Presentation Designer


Fixed an issue with the tools for recorded avatars not being parented to the recorded avatar’s hands.Fixed an issue where changes (moved objects) made in the editing session by clients and recordings were being saved.


Vizible Presenter/Attendee


Fixed an issue where parented proximity sensors were not inheriting their parent’s scale.


Vizible Presenter/Attendee


Fixed an issue where the orientation resets for the presenter and attendee stand-ins was not consistent.


Vizible Presenter/Attendee


Fixed an issue with the fade effect not working for assets in the scene. This is still an issue with images with no border.


Vizible Presentation Designer


Fixed an issue with conversion of MP4 videos during the upload process.

Vizible Presenter/Attendee


Fixed an issue with the teleport tool having a memory leak.


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