Why Vizible?

Why would someone choose Vizible over another presentation or collaboration software? What are some common use cases?

Vizible isn't only a content creation tool, or only a collaboration tool. It's an end-to-end solution that lets you both create interactive virtual experiences and then meet with others inside them for real-time communication and collaboration. Why would someone choose Vizible for presentation creation or collaboration?

Why would someone choose Vizible Presentation Designer over other presentation creation tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides?

Virtual Reality: Immersive technology is here to stay, and being able to create content for VR headsets is increasingly important. The presentations you make with Vizible Presentation Designer can be viewed on a range of VR headsets and desktop PC.

Immersive Presentations: When you create VR presentations with Vizible Presentation Designer, you can use 3D models and spherical media alongside 2D media like documents, images, and videos. With the sense of space and depth in Vizible Presentation Designer, you can create radically different kinds of presentations than you can with PowerPoint. It's just as easy to use, though, and even has the familiar "slide"-based layout.

Why would someone choose Vizible for a meeting over collaboration tools like Go2Meeting or Skype?

PresenceWhen you hold a multi-user Vizible session with a presentation, Vizible takes advantage of VR’s ability to make someone feel “present” in a virtual location, reducing the need for people to travel to a physical location to review, present, or interact with visual content. Collaborative virtual reality tools like Vizible also help people feel present with each other, fostering a sense of co-presence that is impossible to achieve with video chat or a phone call.

Immersive Media: If you want participants in your meeting to grab, move, inspect, or walk through 3D models or environments, then VR tools like Vizible provide a far more compelling, natural experience than what you can accomplish with Go2Meeting.

Interactivity: With buttons and triggers that you set up, participants can interact with their environment in various ways throughout the session. Collaborative Vizible sessions are often much more dynamic and interactive than video calls.

Some popular use cases for Vizible:

  •  Immersive Education + Training : Students and teachers can interact with and explore immersive content (e.g. 3D models, point clouds, spherical videos) and 2D content (e.g. videos, documents, images). Teachers or trainers use Presentation Designer to create learning content and environments, while students use it to showcase their work or create projects that can be experienced collaboratively in virtual reality.  
  • Collaborative Exploration of 3D Designs: The ability to explore, interact with, or walk through 3D models is important for industries engaged in the creation or use of complex products and models, such as aerospace, automotive, construction, architecture and more. In many cases, getting the design right from the outset can save dollars and time.
  • Sales, Demos, Walkthroughs: Immersive technology presents new opportunities for salespeople and anyone else telling a compelling story about a product, place, or organization. Vizible meetings are impactful experiences that command the full attention of your audience.


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