Mobile Tethering for Connectivity

Mobile tethering is a good option for those without wi-fi connections.

If the attendee does not have access to a network outside of their corporate firewall and cannot get the ports opened by their IT department, then the next best option is to use Mobile Tethering.

How to Setup Mobile Tethering

Mobile tethering can be done either by activating and connecting to a smartphone’s local wifi hotspot when the computer has wifi capabilities, or usually by plugging the phone into the computer directly. Do a Google search for the “smartphone model + mobile tethering” for specific model information on how to tether.

A 4G network is recommended for mobile tethering. The meeting itself does not require a large amount of mobile bandwidth, however, there can be instances of larger transfers. The reduced latency of 4G improves the overall experience.

Due to the large file size of the client and the assets required for a Vizible meeting, the attendee may want to download the client and all assets for their meeting on the corporate network prior to connecting using their mobile phone. This should allow for faster downloads and minimize the use of mobile data.


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